Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Startup Blog Topics: Upcoming Posts

Here are some topics that I'd love to write about soon, or else invite someone to write about with me. I think that doing a shallow-dive on these topics will create enough value that they are worth pursuing, however anecdotal the experience. I think these will have valid, relatable ideas with lots of useful and interesting content.

I will link the titles to the posts when they are complete.

  • How to Get in the Zone, Or Not

    A look at the value of focus and how to attain it. Also, balancing in-the-zone with in-the-weeds, and deriving incredible value from both. I'd also like to title this post, 'Generating Tons of Value While Lacking Focus'. I'm excited about this one.

  • Building Products for the Enterprise Market

    An early look at building products that target an enterprise audience, based on my experience building and analyzing line-of-business apps for the largest private enterprise in the world. Likely this will be a multi-part post.

  • Connecting with Your Customers at the Right Moment

    A look at the reasons why you should move fast on a hot lead, and some tools to let you do that. Plus, how to get the most value out of lead-generation software. With special guest blogger Matthew Tharp of LogMeIn.

  • How to Start a Business in a Competitive Market

    How to attack a competitive market with pure grit and an IDE. With special guest Jonathan George, former founder of recently-acquired Boxcar, who is working his latest, unnamed startup.

Note to self: Wow, now I've achieved the dopamine I wanted without having to actually write anything useful yet, yay! Writing about topics-I-want-to-write-about is addicting, and it generates a lot of extra work for me. I'll need to limit this kind of thing in the future, but at least I'm writing my goals down, right? Right!

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