About Me and the Products I've Built

Hi, I'm Barry Welch, a software developer and entrepreneur building interesting products for small businesses. I didn't always do that. Before, I spent years building software for consumers. I gave away lots of free software. Turns out, its very hard to make a living from that!

So, I started building software to solve business problems. Turns out, despite the seeming market saturation of software, there are still incredible opportunities to be had from even the simplest business ideas if you just focus on the right things.

A quick rundown of notable stuff:

  • I currently run one of the most popular social sharing apps on Blogger, Share It. Clocking in at around 250MM pageviews a month.
  • Built CalendarHub.com, a social, AJAX calendar, in 2005 with Scott Mace. Applied to YCombinator. One of the first teams rejected! Yay?
  • Built DryRunner with Scott, made it into one of Jeff Bar's AWS presentation PDFs.
  • Built WoodenCube.com. Why anyone would build another blogging platform, especially a niche, is beyond me at this point, but it was a crazy time.
  • Built Appointron.com, my first profitable app. Still in early stage start-up mode with Matt Tharp @ Daring Labs.
  • Built Impuslv.com, my first ecommerce app, also with Matt Tharp @ Daring Labs. When launched it was the first embeddable social shopping gadget but we're in the midst of a pivot.
  • Starting a sermon sharing service with a friend in the business. We even offer sermon analytics! Is that even a thing yet? Hopefully it will be soon.
  • Working on a consumer-facing social app called Helllo @ DaringLabs.

If you run a small software business or make apps, I would love to hear from you. And if you're ever in Wichita, we should meet for lunch. Email me: b as in boy, t as in Tom, + welchy (at) gmail


  1. Hi Barry.. I have a blog on blogspot and have used your share it gadget since I began it. for the last few months its says the gadget is broken and to remove it which rightly or wrongly I did. So want this gadget to work as it is a tool to share my blog on face book and twitter. Will you have this working soon? Await your reply.. Many blessings.. Amanda

  2. Hi Amanda, we've shut the Share It gadget down. The uptake was strong over the years, but the cost of supporting it was prohibitive. Thanks for being a user and apologies for the abrupt cancellation of the tool.

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