Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Google's recent announcement of algorithm changes that involve preferring secure sites over non-secure ones certainly created a collective gasp among SEO experts. Its a sensible move by the search giant, and certainly an SEO buff that will be OVERPOWERED for a while. Thus if you're already pretty decent on your markup and your content, the smartest on-page change you could make right now would be to add an SSL cert to your server.

If you use a hosting provider like Godaddy or Liquid:
Call them and find out what it takes to get a cert installed and spend that mo-nay right now. Its probably worth the ongoing cost.

If you're using S3 for website hosting:
Hang on to your hat, because it will cost you a fortune: http://aws.amazon.com/cloudfront/pricing/

If you're using managed hosting like Azure or Heroku
Use Expedited SSL. It takes like 3 minutes to setup. Easiest Heroku SSL possible. So good.

None of these options is very cheap, but Amazon, wow. Anyway, its probably totally worth the investment, so get on with it and add SSL to your site.

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