Saturday, August 11, 2012

Apps for the Enterprise: Upcoming Topics

In the coming weeks, as I'm wrapping up my first Startup Blog Topics series, I'm going to shift gears and start talking a bit more about the implications of building apps for the enterprise. If you're building software for enterprise clients, or are looking for software solutions to meet your enterprise needs, we'll be touching on topics related to that. Upcoming (varied) topics include:

  • RFID vs. Barcode: Why Inventory Processes are Seeing Red

    RFID solutions are relatively simple and cheap to implement, so what is preventing companies from adopting RFID in a meaningful way? Why is barcode asset tracking still the inventory method of choice for many applications?

  • Features that Sell Enterprise Products

    A brief look at a few features that your product is going to need if you expect to sell in the enterprise market.

  • How to Price Products for An Enterprise Market

    When it comes to pricing, the enterprise is more practical than you think. In this post, we'll go into a few ways that you can create a justifiable price-tag for your products.

  • The Mobile Platform Paradox

    Large companies are so used to using 3-5 year-old technology, but the mobile space has so far surpassed what the enterprise is doing that they can't keep up with the shift, and its creating pressure to continually reconsider their platform of choice.

  • Employee On-boarding Done Right

    Some companies' employee on-boarding process is straight out of a Dilbert comic. No guidance for day-one, no training, no meeting with upper management, no meeting on expectations, no on-boarding followup. This stuff shouldn't be this hard. We'll look at ways to do employee on-boarding right.

I'm jazzed to write about a few of these topics, and I'll link the title of each to the actual post once it's complete.

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