Friday, August 3, 2012


This is genius. A game with seemingly simple mechanics, but nearly impossible to beat. You keep playing because it just seems like it should be so simple, and it "vexes" you that you can't seem to get it right. Its also named in a way that makes it instantly recognizable.

Like QWOP before it, its fun, addicting, and awkward.

Its also great marketing for the follow-on apps in the app store, I'd bet.

Here are some ideas for building apps similar to QWOP/CLOP:

  • MOP - A janitor, mopping the floor while leaning on his mop. Clean the floor, but don't lose your balance, else you start over.
  • POP - Your car is driving down a bumpy road and your soda is sitting on the dash board. Swerve to create angular acceleration that keeps the pop can from spilling.
  • PLOP - You're a waiter holding a platter of drinks. Control your arms to keep the drinks from spilling.

It is likely that these concepts don't have all the elements of an addicting game, but I can't help but feel that they aren't far off. Just some playful, Friday-afternoon ideas.


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