Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What Jesse Mecham Would Ask You: A BaconBiz Retrospective

Jesse Mecham @ BaconBiz 2014

Jesse Mecham is the founder of, a highly opinionated budgeting solution for people in need of financial software (ie. most people). Jesse recently made a trip to Philly, PA to be a presenter at BaconBiz 2014, a small business conference organized and hosted by Amy Hoy and Alex Hillman. Jesse gave a presentation that might be titled "The Make-a-Method Method (TM)" or "How Mixing Dogma and Product are a Great Way to Differentiate".

Wherein: We Contrive an Unlikely Scenario and Run With It

If you asked Jesse to go point-by-point through his presentation and pummel you with questions about your business and how you're applying his great ideas, he may grille you thusly:
  1. What is your current method of firing "poison darts at giants" in your own space?
  2. Is your product and approach differentiated by being opinionated and dogmatic?
  3. Is your opinions and dogma specific, or vague? Are you consistent with your dogmatism?
  4. Can you build a dogma that can flex in the winds of change?
  5. Do the rules of your dogma contain aspirational steps, or is it all tactical and stodgy?
  6. Does your product or solution properly codify your dogma?
  7. Do you treat your dogma as being greater in importance than your *solution*?
  8. Do you spend more time marketing your dogma than your solution?
  9. Is your dogma firm (inbox zero vs inbox few)?
  10. Does your dogma address the business pain properly?
And thus you would be done-in by either his pugilistic dogmatism or sliced apart by his rapier wit.

It was an excellent presentation which you should have heard in person.

Edit: Also, Jesse is really really nice, and he didn't force me to say that, at all, really.

Jesse Meecham
Jesse Mecham

Jesse Mecham

BaconBiz Conference 2014


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