Sunday, July 7, 2013

Optimization Robot

A Scrappy Idea

While attending BaconBizConf in Philadelphia I met a cadre of fantastic people. Of the scrappy folks attending, one seemed to standout. I had seen his name surfacing from time to time in various outlets. He was a prolific guy, and I was bemused with his enthusiasm and aggressive tack. He told me his idea, and I nodded in agreement that it was a fine idea, but I didn't know at the time how solid the idea really was.

Fast forward two weeks and I'm in a chat forum, and here is the same prolific person, and for the first time, I clasp eyes on the potential for his product. He showed me some headlines for his website that were performing well (in terms of driving specific actions on his website) and asked me if I could name some headlines that would do better. I said I'd take a crack at it. I started tossing ideas out, started having fun, then it hit me, and I quote:

"Heh, this is kinda fun. Wait a minute... HOLY****, I NEED THIS, I'M BLEEDING MONEY!"

Bleeding Money

Yes, bleeding money. People were coming to my website and bouncing as fast as they came in, literally within seconds. Hundreds of them, daily. Up 'til now, there were so many things that needed addressing: more content, more content, more features, fixing bugs, random new bad ideas. But this solution seemed to have the answer with just one little snippet of Javascript. I'd be a fool to turn down this opportunity.

You Need This, So Badly

Its called Optimization Robot. You need this. Seriously, stop what you're doing right now and go get this if you can (its in limited beta). You need it so bad that you need to literally beg the founder, Michael Buckbee, and throw whatever you can at him to let you in.

You need this because your backlog is huge and you don't have time to screw with optimizing your on-page calls-to-action. You need this because despite your 20 years of experience you don't realize that there are literally headlines that may perform 100% better than what you're trying right now.

If you install this on your website and seed it with some headline ideas, it will tell you what works and what doesn't. It is possible, depending on your business, that it can DOUBLE the amount of revenue that you earn from the web in a year. That seems arbitrary, but I'm completely serious in this assessment.

Optimization Robot is the best way to optimize call-to-action and earn more revenue.

The best way to beg Michael, btw, I have learned, is to pester him on Twitter:


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