Thursday, March 14, 2013

"Learning" Is Not Forward Motion

So, you're listening to Mark Cuban's advice, you're reading everything you can to get an edge. Congratulations, you've joined the Heads Up Club. You're paying attention to new trends, and you can talk at length about the pros and cons. You are probably better informed than lots of other folks out there in a similar position to you.

You have the edge in knowledge. Now how about the execution?

You know you're not really moving forward. But, do you know why? Its because you're still playing the part of a student, or worse the "idea guy"...  even if your skills are at the apprentice or master levels, you're defaulting to the same mode you've been in all your life: absorbing knowledge without acting on it.

"But, I have to learn more before I can do anything!!!"


You're in the dangerous position of potentially looking back 5-10 years from now having gained a lot of knowledge and nothing else to show for it.

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