Monday, July 23, 2012

Rob Walling Diet

So, I committed to a Rob Walling-only information diet last Friday, the reasons for which you can see in my previous posting. A quick status report will show that, thus far, I've failed miserably... but not for lack of trying!

It turns out, it is incredibly hard to maintain a focus on one source of content! But, I'm sticking to this. It will be totally worth it.

To my credit I have been reading/digesting a lot of Rob's content. The most surprising thing is that I've seen/heard most of this before. But, I've decided that's ok. I think my goal is now more about about building a frame-of-mind for niche-entrepreneurship.

To be clear, my new, more succinct goal is:

  • Consume all of Rob Walling's content (and perhaps his suggested content) and completely avoid the dopamine-inducing hamster-wheel of Reddit, CNN, and Google News, and also avoid the chase-this-fad-technology posts from Hacker News, for the purpose of creating a zen-like frame of mind that is focused on entrepreneurship and building products.

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