Routines for Bootstrappers

Here's my current daily routine. Maybe it helps someone come up with ideas for squeezing more productive time into their day. I'll try to keep this updated with tweaks as my routine changes.


Wakeup, shower, dressed... out the door at 7am.

Driving for 60-minutes
  • Dictating content for target keywords
  • Watching saved videos
  • Catching up on world events via NPR (less of this!)
Arrive at work, working ~4.5 hours
(Incl. 10-minute morning walk around the block during which I capture ideas) The walk died due to changing interests.

Lunch ~55mins
  • Compiling keywords for targeting
  • Compiling ideas for drip marketing channel
  • Coding up a small feature, or getting it started 
  • Meeting with other entrepreneurs
  • Generating content (videos someday soon)

Continue working ~4 hours
(Incl. 10-minute afternoon walk around the block during which I capture ideas again) Meh.


Last 10 mins before leaving, downloading a few vids if I have a few minutes.
  • Anything from Rob Walling
  • Anything from Business of Software
  • Anything from MicroConf
  • Anything from RailsCasts
  • Stanford classes via iTunes
  • Anything from Amy Hoy

Drive Home, +/-60 minutes
  • 15 minute call with co-founder (2x weekly)
  • Watching downloaded content
  • Compiling list of evening action-items
  • Sometimes I stop and get out in the fields and record a quick video, partially to develop my business pitch (yeah, weird, but productive)

Arrive home, dinner, evening activities, playing with kiddos.

Evening working hours begin ~9:30 (Summertime, I get started later)
  • Acting on any items started at lunch or discussed with co-founder
  • 15 minute break to get my wife a soda before the store closes
  • Wind down, maybe a game. I need to quit the LoL habit. 

Saturday, Sunday

Secret Sauce: Friday nights, you have to hit them hard. If you do, Saturday and Sunday will tend to be more productive. If you start off Friday nights with lazy activities, it will color the entire weekend

Hit and miss, primarily due to how I handled Friday night. My routine isn't quite up to par there yet, regardless. Working on it.

Next Task: Fixing Saturday & Sunday

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